Western Airlines Napkin

United Napkin

British Airways Napkin

ONA Napkin

Pan Am Matchbook

Hughes Airwest Matchbook

Eastern Matchbook

Air Canada Matchbook

Aloha Stir Stick

Braniff BAC 1-11 Stick

AFA B727 Stick

Swissair Stir Stick

Delta Soap

Pan Am Soap

TWA Soap Bar

CP Air Soap Bar

Mouse Pad-Overseas

Mouse Pad-North Central Airlines

Mouse Pad-Northeast 880

Mouse Pad-Ozark Air Lines

Piedmont 1:400 Model

Jet America 1:400 Model

Continental 1:400 Model

PSA Burbank Postcard

Delta DC9 Postcard

Northeast DC9 Postcard

National Airlines

British Air Ferries Ticket

SAS Ticket

TWA Airlines Ticket

American Airlines Ticket

United Air Lines Ticket

Jumbo Jet Airliner Keychain

Safety Card Keychain

SST Keychain

Orange Jumbo Mug

Classic Airliner Retro Mug

Jet Age Mug

Cleared To Land Runway Towel

Redtails Towel

Mid Century Airliner Towel

Overseas Mid-Century Pillow

Twilight Flight Pillow

Jet-Age Travel DC-8

SEA-TAC 16R Pillow

Say Yes! Hughes Pillow

JFK 13R Pillow


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