Airline Jet-Age Mouse Pads


1/8″ Thickness // 7.75″ x 9.25″ Measurement


These brilliant mouse pads are high resolution, smooth with a micro weaved polyester top, producing vibrant, sharp, rich image details. Extremely dense, black, uniform, non-skid, 100% natural rubber base.

1/8″ Thickness // 7.75″ x 9.25″ Measurement

MADE TO ORDER; There’s a 20% Restock Fee if you decide to make a return.


Additional information

Weight4 oz
Dimensions10 × 8 × 1 in
Mouse Pad Style

727 Tails, 747 Queen of Sky, A300, A300 Safety, Aeromexico, Air California, Air Europe, Airline Food, Airplane! Seat Cover, Airport Film, Aloha, ATC Chaos, BAe-146, BEA, BOAC, Classic Logos, Colombia Airlines (Fictional), Continental Airlines – Classic, Continental Red Meatball, Continental Stripes, Eastern – Blue Jet Takeoff, Eastern – Navy Blue, Fokker F27 Safety, Frontier – Blk, Frontier – Red, Golden Days Jumbo, Hawaiian, Helipad, Hughes Airwest – Yellow, Jet-Set, Jumbo Sunset, KLM, Mexicana, Mid-Century Overseas, NAC – 737s, NAC – Red, NAC – Wings, National, New York Air, North Central, Northeast – 880, Northeast – Yellowbird, ONA, Ozark – Green, Ozark – Welcome, Pacific Western, Pan Am, Piedmont, PSA, Radar, Retro Supersonic, Southern, Swissair, TGA (Fictional), TGA Advert (Fictional), TMA, Trans Brasil, TWA 1011, USAir – Gray, USAir – Stripes, UTA, Varig, Varig DC-10, Viasa, Vintage Airliners International, Western Airlines – Live Up, Western Airlines – Red, Western Airlines – Ski